Why Settle For Lemonade?


It was a whirlwind trip of six months. Seattle north to Alaska almost to the Arctic Ocean and back. East across the north of the continent as far as you can go to Newfoundland.  South as far as you can go in in the USA to Key West. Back Across the to the canyons and rocks of the southwest. Then back up the West coast.  All told, just over 31,000 miles.

The interactive maps below are limited in complexity such that I had to divide it up into four chapters.  You can click to view them full screen and pan and zoom with the mouse to see more closely.  I recommend switching to earth view and using 3D (hold control while click mouse button) and pan around.

Note: This is an approximation of my route.  Most of it was created by entering endpoints for driving directions.  I did add couple of GPS routes for a couple of non-driving parts, zoom in close to see these usually marked by an icon as well.

The Route

Chapter One: North to Alaska

Chapter Two: Go East!

Chapter Three: Southward

Chapter Four: Westward Ho!