Broken blue sky where I'm standing. :)

Broken blue sky where I’m standing. 🙂

July 28, 2015 – Haines Highway, Yukon Territory, CanadaMillion Dollar Falls. Let the thunder of the torrent shake your thoughts quiet as the green glassy water mixes with air and froths, a fluid transition, frozen in this one place.  Always just here, yet never the same river.

This was a stop that once again paid for the purchase of the Milepost.  We’re still in the Yukon Territory section of the Haines Highway.  I stopped on the way out to Haines, a rainy day, but took my umbrella with a cloudy blue sky inside.  There were folks coming back to their cars as I arrived but I didn’t see another person from there until I was leaving.  There is a nice Yukon Parks campground here, but I was headed for Haines today.

The walkways seem quite new and are worth enjoying in their own right.  Very nice viewing decks, walkways and stairs skirt one side of a small hard rock canyon through which a small river tumbles.  A nice combination of natural wood and forest green painted accents really

This small tributary of the Tatshenshini river rolls off a small ledge as a clear green sheet and breaks into a violent foam of frothy white water as it ricochets off the hard rock walls.  It tumbles along with a rush and a roar around the corner and out of sight.