Why Settle For Lemonade?

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Searching for 9 Posts

I’m searching for email copies of 9 specific posts from last year prior to the crash.

I am particularly interested in finding the first two, because they are next in line.

Finally a Grizzly?
Yellowstone (2 of 5) – The Tour
Pardon Me, Just Passing Through
Nova Scotia – Cabot Trail
Eclipse over Newfoundland
Washington DC
George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Shenandoah National Park

If you……

Enter the Yukon

June 24, 2015 – Watson Lake to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory – The Yukon River, the original Alaska Highway.  Today I will enter its watershed and in……

Shakedown Cruise

June 11th, 2015 – For the past several weeks I’ve been making lists and reviewing my gear.  I want to be moving, and I am too anxious sit in the driveway while I figure out how to load the gear into the trailer.  I bought several blue plastic totes to collect things while I prepared. ……

The Adventure Begins

Early June 2015, I feel like the calendar is on fire.  Burning a low flame, but inexorable.  How has it consumed more than two months?  So long ago I chose adventure, why haven’t I headed north yet?

I watched as the flames ate April.  The severance package came with a general overview of what to expect,……

Something You Aren’t Doing…

One day I was driving with a good friend along a two lane highway in Eastern Washington.  The road was a little up and a little down, some left and some right.  Even so it was an easy road to drive and keep the speed constant.  I was driving at the speed limit, but approaching……

CPAP – Off Grid

This post is about my portable CPAP kit and is in response to some of the conversations I’ve had about taking my CPAP beyond the trailer.  I have used a CPAP machine to keep my breathing normal at night for over 15 years.  During that time I’ve also enjoyed plenty of backwoods adventures beyond……