September 28th, 2015 – Codroy Newfoundland – The weather had been really windy with a deep layer of clouds right up until an hour or so before the eclipse on September 28th.  The forecast had been calling for clearing just about local midnight, right when the total eclipse was due to end.  But the clouds parted early and I got a good view of the entire event.

Before the event I spent a while getting things set up, checking exposure and that sort of thing.  I’d pop into the trailer for a few minutes to review pics and then back out for some new experiments.  As the event progressed I came inside the trailer several times to check the images more closely, and posted a few pics on my personal Facebook page.  After the event I selected the best shots and loaded them into Photoshop.  Here I overlaid them into a single image, zoomed in and aligned them. No I didn’t have the camera on a mount that was tracking the moon, and many of the images were taken at slightly different magnifications.  So from there I saved them off into the sequence posted here.  It was interesting to see how the moon’s details rotate in the images.  Caused by my position on the earth moving, can make your head spin if you think about it too much.  I thought to correct for this but I kind of like the effect, so I didn’t rotate them.

It was really fun to be able to post my pics in real time.  As the eclipse made the moon progressively darker I was kept busy changing and checking exposure. So I would head into the trailer, check images, post one if it was interesting and pop back out with my corrections.  It was a chilly night but there was a line of trees nearby that were providing a bit of a wind break, another reason to pop into the heated trailer from time to time.

By the time we were coming out of the total eclipse the clouds were starting to gather again, and it was getting pretty late.  I was catching an early boat back to the mainland in a few hours, so I don’t have pictures of the other end of the eclipse.