July 17, 2015 – Potter Marsh, Anchorage Alaska – The Potter Marsh wildlife refuge is right at the southern edge of Anchorage as you head out the highway to Turnagain Arm.  The marsh was created during the construction of the Alaska Railroad.  Very nice raised boardwalks and viewing platforms keep the viewers up and away from the birds and other animals.

I drove past this gem several times, and finally stopped by.  A very nice parking lot would be a great place for a picnic.  The trails are primarily boardwalks, and are quite accessible.  Viewing platforms have binoculars mounted for people at various heights to use comfortably, they are not coin operated or timed.  The platforms have back panels that break up the silhouette of people from the wildlife’s perspective.  This means the wildlife will come closer without being disturbed.

Lots of pretty common water birds, gulls, crows and such, but also a few that I don’t get to see so often.  A snipe, some shorebirds and what appeared to be a golden eagle.  Nice walk on a nice day.