Why Settle For Lemonade?

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Cranky Solution

Hand cranking the stabilizer jacks under each corner of the trailer is unpleasant at best.  But a crank/wrench isn’t very expensive and is easily cut with a grinding wheel.  So I sliced off the handle and made a straight extended wrench out of one.  Now, chucking this up in a cordless drill/driver I can raise……

One Man Show

The simple solutions to leveling your trailer side to side, and backing into just the right spot really depend on having a spotter outside the car.   Not having that separate set of eyes on my solo trip I chose some solutions that are a little more complex.

The Hitch in an Otherwise Quiet Ride

Trailer hitches are designed to do work, not be quiet.  On a truck you probably won’t notice, but in an SUV it is loud and distracting.  This post is about how I kept this beast under a pillow, mostly.

Sleeping Arrangement

Being just one person and short enough to fit sideways, I found that I could just lay down the back of the rear couch to sleep.  Wall to wall is about 72″ and I am about 67″, this leaves a little room above my head and below my feet.  I further found that if I laid……

Tongue Box

June 2015 – Pre-Trip – I wanted a little extra storage of the “rugged” type,……

Under Trailer Modifications

I plan to take the trailer on some gravel roads so I had the axle remounted to put the frame higher off the ground, and we added tough skid plates to protect the underside.  When I was choosing my T@B the optional Outb@ck package wasn’t available locally when I needed it, so I decided……